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Flintshire Forest Families

Building on the success of Wrexham Forest Families we are working with Campfire Cymru to provide an amazing service to families in Flintshire.


Flintshire Forest Families provides support, activities, advice, fun, reassurance and wellbeing for families with ADHD, Autism, Developmental Delay, Anxiety, Disabilities and other needs.


We meet in our stunning woodland, facilitate activities and free play and cook on the campfire.


Our mission is to provide a safe space in nature, free of judgement and full of acceptance and support.


What some of our forest families said......

I had some lovely hammock time. My baby fell asleep she was so relaxed & I felt recharged and energised


After the sessions, when on walks, my children were identifying plants talked about at forest families


Interaction with other children from like-minded families. Freedom to be a child and explore nature. 


Both my children have benefited greatly! Both children struggle with confidence in social situations because of COVID and hearing problems! Both boys really came out of their shell because of the confidence building activities and the freedom to explore and make their own decisions.


Confidence/self-esteem for eldest to approach adults to ask for help, learning about plants, working together, the eldest usually won't engage in crafts but would here.


Getting close to nature, communal eating/ exploring, getting muddy and feeling confident being outside


From my perspective it was lovely to see my children interact with other children and see them having fun! It has reaffirmed to me the importance of outdoor play. The safe, calm, and nurturing environment all staff created made for superb environment for my children to thrive


The staff were extremely welcoming! I enjoyed and looked forward to every session 

A nurturing space with supportive facilitators! It was lovely to be in that space chatting with the other parents.


I felt calmer and more connected to the outside world


Getting out is so important and it really helped being outside. Ability to discuss with others and make new friends really helps with my wellbeing. Learning little crafts whilst the baby was safe to wander was just nice and allowed me to have some well needed rest time - and lots of hot tea!


Meeting others in same situation makes you feel less alone in your situation 


My baby seeing me enjoy self-care & having time out is equally important as me relaxing. 


Vanessa was lovely right from the offset. Making everyone feel comfortable & at ease. Knowledgeable about the outdoors & self-care.


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