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Flintshire Forest Families

Building on the success of Wrexham Forest Families we are working with Campfire Cymru to provide an amazing service to families in Flintshire.


Flintshire Forest Families provides support, activities, advice, fun, reassurance and wellbeing for families with ADHD, Autism, Developmental Delay, Anxiety, Disabilities and other needs.


We meet in our stunning woodland, facilitate activities and free play and cook on the campfire.


Our mission is to provide a safe space in nature, free of judgement and full of acceptance and support.


Recent Feedback

The breathing techniques definitely help with my anxiety. I have even taught my son some of them.


I have learned to talk more and let Thing’s out It has taken me some time but I have finally started to let things go


I feel heard and understood


They help me and my family week to week. If I'm better mentally this has a knock on effect to the rest of the family in a very positive way


I honestly think that these Thursdays have made such a difference not just to me but also my family. I am able to deal with caring for my little boy more and I think it’s just nice to have found my people. Although I come across as quite sociable I actually find it quite difficult to mix because of my self confidence. I’m so glad I stepped out my comfort zone to attend these sessions


It helps my anxiety and isolation


These sessions in the woods are something I really look forward to and they've taught me so much about myself, how to deal with emotions and given me the most magical and safe space to talk about what it's like being a parent to a child with ASD, ADHD, ALN. These sessions are invaluable in my opinion.


I can’t recommend them enough. Vanessa has created something very special at Halkyn woods with campfire cymru. I feel myself relax the second I step onto the path up to the fire circle. The whole sessions are so uplifting and empowering. Everyone is so supportive and we all look after each other and have advice. It’s a a great mix of ages and experiences and they have definitely had a huge impact on me


Vanessa is an amazing person and I love spending time and chatting with her and the group. To find people who understand how it can affect your life having a child with disabilities really is amazing and so much support and no judgement. I never thought I would find something like this. I feel so well looked after rather than me looking after someone 24/7

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