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Team Resilience Days

"Its a challenging time for businesses and teams.  We’re all changing the way we work while supporting staff and team wellbeing.

At Halkyn Castle Wood we offer a safe, outdoor space for bringing your team together.

You can rent spaces in the woods with rain cover, fire pit, logs, first aid station and run your own event or you can book our expert team to provide everything for you."

Vanessa Warrington MA Change Management BSc PGCE

Take a look at our powerpoint and if you think we can help please share it with your decision makers

We provide the woods, the space, the facilitators and the challenges for your team to build resilience (mentally, physically, socially and corporately).

Bespoke team resilience building to suit your needs

Create team challenges

•Design reward driven tasks

•Develop skills

•Build relationships

•Improve wellbeing through nature

•Build personal and team resilience

•Facilitate new ideas

•Build corporate vision

•Improve communication

•Mental health awareness and wellbeing 

Creative recruitment events



Invest in your employees

Build creativity in your team

Develop ideas

Grow resilience

Harness a collective vision

Reach your potential

Activities and techniques to challenge and inspire you include....

Campfire Cooking


Axe Throwing

Airsoft Games

Shelter Building


Shinrin Yoku





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